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The pre-calibrated micro capillary needle with reduced clogging, cell adherence, and tissue damage, high tip visibility, and directional targeted injection.

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Advanced Micro Capillary Needles for the Biomedical Industry

SeeTrue Technology has a revolutionary injection needle that transforms the biomedical industry. The SeeTrue Needles is for all micro-injection applications. This smart tech is here to solve all our client’s problems. For example:

  • Uniformity in needle’s shape, sharpness, and tip-opening size
  • Reduced Needle Tip Clogging
  • Enhanced tip visibility outside and inside the injected cell
  • Directional control of microinjection
  • Reduced tissue damage
  • Reduced adherence of cells to inner surface of the microneedle
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What We Do

Our SeeTrue needles impact typical advance procedures in the biomedical field and bridge a huge gap in micro-injection technology and have proven to be easy to use and reliable.

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Advantages of the SeeTrue Needles

  • Pre-calibrated
  • Precisely located needle tip inside the cell
  • Reduced clogging and adhesion rate
  • Increase efficacy and productivity
  • Increased Efficiency and Reproducibility
  • Reduce wasted time and efforts
  • Reduce number of experimental repeats, reproducible results
  • Reduce number of animals used
  • Shorter training time for the novice microinjectionist
  • Reduces fatigue of the microinjectionist
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SeeTrue Technology

Rachel Brewster

Associate Professor of Biology
University of Maryland, School of Medicine

"I would like to express my enthusiasm for your project to develop next generation SeeTrue colored micropipette needles for microinjection. As a long time user of such needles for introducing RNA, DNA and protein into developing zebrafish embryos, I can attest to the need for better visibility of the needle tip and reduced clogging to improve efficiency of - and reduce the significant variability in these manipulations. We look forward to seeing your excellent idea implemented!”

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Prableen Chowdhary

Graduate Student, University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

"As a zebrafish researcher, a wide variety of our techniques involve the use of glass needles for microinjections in embryos. Imaginably, glass microcapillaries tend to be very frail and, especially for a novice injector, can be difficult to use. I have noticed that SeeTrue needles tend to be more robust and forgiving, which can especially help more inexperienced injectors master a difficult technique."

Timothy Hufford

Timothy Hufford

Graduate Student, University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)

“I found SeeTrue needles to be easier to work with for my experiments. Compared to standard industry needles which tend to bend and flex, SeeTrue needles demonstrated more structural reinforcement which made for more efficient microinjections.”


Shaojun (Jim) Du Associate Professor

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology, University of Maryland, School of Medicine

“Your work is of great interest to my scientific team. This invention is an exciting new development that has the potential to enhance and leverage the efficacy of a great variety of biomedical, transgenic research. Thus, I am very eager to test the prototype of the SeeTrue Needle, and I’m happy to offer whatever assistance we can provide.”